[IDEA] line type lights

Greets, I think it would be cool if we could have line saped light emitters.
This may sound confusing but let me show you. The line type light source will
be defined with “type: Line” just like the spot and omni light and have the
normal parameters (colour, angles, range, intensity etc) + 2 more. “length”
and “open ends” This is what the “light volume” would look like with a length
of 6 and a range of 1.5 (diameter 3) with closed ends, angle 0 or 360 or -1
(not relevant). It looks kinda like a pill. Light orientation as the arrow
shows. Fig.1

Opening the ends
of the “light volume” would look like this. same length and radius. This looks
like a tube or the pill with flat ends.
Fig.2 Setting an angle will cut
the light along the length of the light. Here 130° This looks like the pill
cut down the long way or a very tall babybel cut like a pie. Fig.3
This line type light can also
have a length of 0 to create a sphere that has been cut through. This looks
kinda like, an apple cut at a 130° angle… i dont know haha. Fig.4
Uses for such lights, mainly
cockpit lighting and navigation lights. Excuse my crude drawing. The 62 uses a
lightbar, for flood lights. One could position a line type light under the
glareshield with an angle of 45° facing down onto the instrument panel. Having
2 of those will be more accurate than the 4 spots by default Externally the
navigation lights can be defined like Fig.4 and strobes like lin Fig.3
I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

ok all the pictures are gone for some reason. Here is the picture from the
cockpit lighting .