[IDEA] Turboprop torque limiter

While working on the PC-12’s engine, I noticed that the ingame torque limiter
will cap torque correctly at whatever it is set and it seems to cover how the
governor operates correctly, but we can continue to raise Ng and fuel flow
even past the limiter. In the real PT6A-67B and P engines there is a fuel flow
limiter as well, though. So when the engine torque reaches a certain limit,
the fuel flow to the engine is clamped and Ng remains as-is. Here is an

example. Power lever Torque (MSFS & real) Ng (MSFS) Ng (Real)
80% 44.3psi 98% 98%
100% 44.3psi 100% 98%
So my first suggestion is to add a “torque_protection_fuel_flow_limiter”
which will be a boolean and require the torque limit to be true. So when this
is set to false, the limiter will work just like it does now. But when both
are true, fuel flow will also get clamped when the engine reaches maximum
torque. My **second suggestion is to provide support for a manual override
lever** , which will be able to set the corrected fuel flow from the current
idle flow (based on condition lever), all the way up to fuel_flow_max, while
completely ignoring the torque limiter (if present). In order to do that, I
suggest the following additions:
  • In engines.cfg, add:
    • has_manual_override boolean parametre
    • manual_override_threshold: a value from 0 to 1, stating the minimum value where manual override becomes effective
  • In simulation variables add a GENERAL ENG MANUAL OVERRIDE LEVER POSITION:index variable. When this simvar goes over manual_override_threshold it will override the throttle and control fuel flow into the engine in the same way
  • In events add corresponding events for the manual override lever: axis, increase/decrease, set

I’m upvoting both these suggestions. Would love to see them implemented.