[IDEA] Walking avatars + drivable SimObjects

Dear Aboso, Would it be possible in the future to have walking avatars (user
pilot) around the user aircraft? this would be an amazing experience for users
and allow 3rd party aircraft developers to implement external inspection
checklists. In addition, it would be fantastic if we could combine the above
with drivable simobjects, for example, the user could take the avatar to a
vehicle, drive to the plane location, get out, and get inside the airplane.
Alternatively, fly an helicopter, arrive to an airport, and take another
aircraft from there. The combinations and possibilities that would open from
this are endless increasing the immersion experience for users and the
capabilities for 3rd party developers as well. Many thanks for taking this in
consideration. Kind Regards, Raul

I would be hoping to see that in MSFS 2024, as it was hinted at in the Promo
Video. (along with the ability to interact with the exterior model )