If selecting points in an apron or polygon don't select something else

If I select two or more points of a polygon, it seems to me there’s not any
other operations I might do except pick other points of the polygon. Is it a
bad idea, if I’ve selected two points of a polygon, to filter ONLY on other
points of the polygon or apron? I can’t think of any reason, if I’ve selected
two points of an apron, that I would want to also select the polygon that’s
behind it, or an object, or whatever. Am I wrong? Thanks,

It sounds like you are trying to say that the sensitivity is too high, in that
once you have managed to capture two points in a polygon, you’d prefer
additional points in that same polygon, to be the only things you can select.
If so, it’s a valid concern, but it seems like the software code to make such
a distinction would be hard to implement. However, there is a slight less
elegant workaround that I can suggest. If you first select each of the
intruding objects and then lock, or hide them, you will have effectively
“filtered” them, as you’d wanted. A little more work for us, a little less
work for the coders.

Yes, I’ve done that before, especially with lights and objects that extents
are huge. It turns out the problem solved itself when I solved the reason that
the scenery editor was working super sloowwww. I was editing an airport I
hadn’t built and put in my community, and, for some reason, I couldn’t work on
moivng points, everything was happening super slowly, so the picker just
couldn’t figure out where it was and it was impossible to pick what I wanted.
Once I built the airport and put it in my community and started editing it
again, performance picked up and the problem listed here essentially went
away. I think performance was so bad, the picker just couldn’t figure out
where it was when I’d try to select an item. I think it’s still a good idea,
but, once performance was better the picker works better so I’m more easily
able to put the mouse near the object I want, the picker is more easily able
to figure out what I want, and I’m and select what I want more easily.

Huh, yes at some point scenery editor becomes so slow slow slow… Good idea
about “I am working only on this object” somehow, because we need to be able
to select different object, cancel or finish editing …

One other thing that I’ve found can really slow down scenery development interaction is working in areas that are covered by photogrammetry.

I’ve been working in the Stow, Massachusetts area recently creating an airport at
N42.402725, W-71.509185

And for quite some time it was really slogging. Seems to have gotten better as I’ve spent more time at the airport. Maybe it’s gotten more deeply ingrained in my area cache?

A fix for that is to turn off photogrammetry while working on the airport, build it all up, then turn PG back on and adjust it to fit the PG.

One major issue is that PG does not respect terraforming.