ILS Issue with some boxed version users since version 1.17.3

Hello, I have a mysterious issue since version 1.17.3

Before this version , all was working for everyone .

In one off my scenery some users reported a shift on LOC (not aligned…) .

I can’t have the issue in my sim (Store version) and other boxed users don’t
have the issue so it is complicated to fix .

Can you confirm if it can come from the magnetic heading or not or the Magvar

All is custom in this scenery and the others works perfect with the same
settings so i am lost with it .

Please help

Thank you

Hello, We have similar reports being investigated at the moment. I will let
you know when a fix is available. Regards, Sylvain

Hello, Experiencing the same issue on our sceneries (on store version too).
Like for Kem_Pesim, all our ILS data is custom. So not sure what happened
since last update, as everything was working fine before. Best regards, Thomas

Hello, Small update: I solved the issue by checking the RWY and ILS HDG in my
XML. Both must be identical. If your RWY HDG is 165.456814° and your ILS is
set at HDG 165.00000°, you’ll get a wrong LOC. The ILS HDG must be in that
case 165.456814° too. Hope this will work for you too Kem. Best regards,

Thank you for letting us now, this will be useful. :wink: Regards, Sylvain

Hello jetsream_D , Sorry for delays of answser , last 3 month where busy with
the arrival of a baby. Stillf facing the same issue , i will test your
solution so thank you very much for the help. Best regards Kem

Hello, Back to you all, I have checked all the RWY and ILS headings and they
are all identical everywhere . Can someone help on it please. Thanks a lot
Best regards