ILS recognized as VOR

Hi! I have created a fictional airport with a single runway 16/34 with an ILS
for each runway (end) using the scenery editor. The ILS for rwy 34 works just
fine with LOC/GP and DME. However the oppsite ILS is not recognized as an ILS
but as a VOR. Even if GP and DME is defined in the editor. I have tried
different frequencies within the ILS range according to the SDK, but the
result is the same. On a B737 selecting APP on the EFIS Control Panel, the
Navigation Display “EFIS MODE/NAV FREQ DISAGREE” is displayed. This normally
happends when you select APP when you have tuned a VOR frequency.

Hello @artogsta , Can you send us your project ? (no need to include 3d assets
/ textures) Also, did you try with other aircrafts ? [See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Hello @artogsta After reviewing your project we have found the issue, the
frequency for a LOC need to have an odd digit where VOR need an even digit,
the runway 16 frequency was 111.45 where the 4 need to be an even number
(111.55 work fine and the runway is detected as an ILS), the frequency for a
loc should also be between 108.10 and 111.95 MHz. Those rules weren’t in the
documentation but will be added soon, sorry for the inconvenience. Best
Regards, Yohan

Ahh… I see. I wasn’t aware of that. Changing ILS freq. from 111.45 to 111.55
then. Thanks!