I'm getting these errors when trying to clean and build package

It sounds like the file might be somewhat corrupted (in a sense of written
wrong, not corrupted like some bits got lost). If you’d like to attach just
that scenery.xml file, I can take a look and see if I can’t find the issue.
I’ve had a few odd xml errors in the past I’ve fixed.

Hello @Hulk Where’s your Airport tag closing element? Can you post the content
of your XML here (as a private comment if you want) Regards, Sylvain

The error seems related to some jetway (Failed to generate jetway binary),
since the jetway tags are inside the airport tags the parser is unable to
close the airport node due to that error @FlyingRaccoon this console it not
showing where the error is (line, column) It Is really a pity when this
happens, especially with very long placement .xml files

Hi @Hulk , Before having this error, did you add a GATE without adding a

In this case, you need
to add a jetway to your GATE first (then you won’t see the error anymore) and
only then you can build your project Let me know if it works The fact is that
we should disable the save function in this case. We opened an issue on our
side about this. Regards, Boris

And we’ll also have a look at the console error message not showing the
appropriate info