Important issue since 21/07/21

Hi Since today . All available sceneries have lost objects … It happend also
in the editor . What is happening ? please help It is a year of work . My in
build new scenery don’t have the issue so it is absolutely curious. Some users
also reported the issue . It is like all before 21/07/21 sceneries have
missing objects … and materials . All custom objects are now “unknow”…
Please help

Hello, About the “unkown” objects in the scenery hierarchy, this issue happens
when the scenery is open for edition while the ArtProj asset group has not
been built. Building your pakage before edition should fix this issue and we
are looking to improve the way this works. For the objects disappearing in
existing packages and for your users, are you witnessing this on the current
retail version? What particular action did you perform on the 21th? Did you
update your game? Regards, Sylvain

Hello, 1 : The fact is a user notified us that buildings missing since
yesterday. So we did tests and can confitm that sundenly , buildings of
airports released few month ago are missing (with the scenery as usual
installed in the community folder) So i opened the editor and they were also
missing . 2. Yes i can confirm that i am witness of the issue . Tried all the
evening to find why and fix it. I didn’t do anything this day . The fact is
that on my new in build scenery , the issue wasen’t there. 3. This morning
(22/07/21) , everything is come back to normal working… Maybe you did
invisible internal changes. From now it is ok , but i added my answers so you
are notified. Thanks for the help Regards Kem

Hello. There isn’t any “invisible internal change”. The only occurrences I am
aware of about objects reference being lost in a scenery all happen on edition
actions (editing a package that hasn’t been built previously, removing objects
from a modellib/artproj without removing references in the BGL, etc…) That
doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue that we haven’t detected yet. Can you
provide us with the Community package causing the issue and the package
sources so we can investigate (all of it in a private comment of course).
Regards, Sylvain