In Multiplayer, Lights only follow lights switches , and ignore Battery or bus voltage

In Multiplayer, Lights only follow lights switches, and ignore Battery or bus
light voltage. Becomes very obvious if you watch your own plane in someone
else’s Twitch Stream

Hello @N6722C This is a known limitation. For now, multiplayer aircraft are
handled using the same system as AI traffic and have a simplified electric
system. We cannot address this until we move to a more complex simulation for
multiplayer aircraft. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for the feedback – Any timescale to move to an AI system where this is
fixed ? 2023 ? 2024 ? Obviously, the best solution is universal fix for all
aircraft in the sim for this issue, but if it is going to be a significant
time before this is fixed by Asobo, it might be possible for a 3PDs to program
their plane to act correctly when viewed in MP. btw Simulation of “battery
Internal resistance” is a similar issue, that has been stated by Asobo to be
planned to be implemented at some time in the future, but in the meanwhile,
3PDs can force the simulation this feature in their own planes, with ( a
significant amount of
) additional custom code.