Inconsistent Compiling Result + Compiler Log Request

So, I’m writing this because since I started this project, I’ve always had issues with the compiler.

I’m encountering MANY issues that have appeared only lately last year, and a few that persist since a while.

I have this medium-big payware project with a LOT of custom models (so far it’s about 160 of them and I ain’t done making yet).

  • A LOT of duplicate materials warnings (I mean, I make LODs, of course materials are re-used among different LODs of the same object) like below

  • everytime I compile succesfully, the compiler doesn’t compile a second time without crashing.
    This means that everytime I try to add a model I have to rebuild the whole package and HOPE this will fix the next compile.

PLUS I don’t know what’s causing the compiler crash since there’s no output log of what’s going on behind the hood. It just crashes without errors (maybe a warning sometimes).

BUT the main problem is that, whenever compiling the prioject it might get stuck on a different model everytime, just like it’s randomly picking a model from a list of 10 or so, and deciding on which one to crash.

Only workaround is to rebuild the whole package and then compile it again normally.
Also, rebuilding all, causes the compiler window to suddenly disappear without errors or issues.
It just vanishes preventing me to know whether it failed or succeeded to compile.

ALSO, compiling in-game doesn’t work at all. It just crashes everything, also with no errors.

I’m available to upload the whole project privately to MS / ASobo, but I ain’t publicly doing it here due to it being a payware project :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated, this is really driving my mind crazy, I’m keeping on like this since last summer and can’t get out of the situation.

Compiling once succesfully, takes 2-3 failures before…and no chance to see what’s causing the crash