Increase Bush Trip sales by 5,000 % (not a typo)

The request / feature:

Allow the user to fly any aircraft in their hangar. Yes, I know PC users
can go into dev mode, but:

  1. What a hassle. Adds “friction” to the whole experience.
  2. What about the poor XBox owners?

This one simple feature would benefit

  • Content creators
  • Asobo
  • Microsoft
  • Anyone who may be interested in Bush Trips / activities

How did I arrive at 5,000% (not a typo)? Because anybody who has the Premium
version and has bought a couple of planes will have 50 + planes in their
hangar. Gathering dust and going rusty as far as Bush Trips are concerned.
What’s the point of buying planes if you can’t go bush with them?

100% x 5,000 :slight_smile: