Increase the Simvars index drop down max count

Increase the Simvars index drop down max count from 100 to 200. I have almost
100 circuits and soon will not be able to test if simvars max is 100. I am
adding circuit breakers and nowmy circuit list is growing. So far I am ok. But
this might be a good idea.

Can this get updated? @FlyingRaccoon @asobo

You didn’t specify what/where? Maybe you mean the SimVarWatcher example that’s in the SDK?

Hello @Flysimware

We’ll probably replace this drop list with a text field that defaults to 0 eventually.
In the meantime, you can check for m_aIndices in the source code if you want to extend the range for your test.


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I was using MVS 2019 and get this error.

|Error||The command xcopy C:\MSFS SDK\SimvarWatcher\SimConnect.cfg . /Y
xcopy C:\MSFS SDK\SimvarWatcher....\SimConnect SDK\lib\SimConnect.dll . /Y
exited with code 4.|Simvars||||

That will be fixed with SDK 0.22.
In the project configuration, just remove the pre build and post build steps and add an explicit reference to Microsoft.FlightSimulator.Simconnect.dll instead.


I removed the info then was confused on how to add the reference. I found you can go to the Manage NuGet packages and search


and then click install.

That worked like a charm. Thanks! :grin:

Is this referring to one of the developer windows in the sim, the
SimVarWatcher in the SDK, or something else?