InGame toolbar Panels - Workflow to develop very slow

Dear Asobo, I appreciate InGame Panels hasn’t been documented in the SDK, so I
might be doing something wrong here… so I will try to explain what I have
done and please correct me if my steps are mistaken and in hence I am not
getting the desired results and expectations from my side. I have added an
InGame toolbar panel to an aircraft project, to configure it I have used an
asset group SPB that generates the required .SPB file that loads the InGame
Panel html, css and .js. I have added a second asset group that copies the
html UI structure containing the inGamePanel HTML components to the packages
folder. Everything compiles and when I mount the project, load the aircraft,
the InGame tool bar panel displays with the required icon and everything… so
far all good… However, what is going wrong is this: When I change the
html, .css or .js files for the in game panel, and I hit project “rebuild”
with a flight loaded, everything compiles with no errors displayed on the
console, however the InGame toolbar panel doesn’t update at all… it stays as
the old version and in order to see these changes I am forced to exit to the
main menu and reload the flight… then the changes are reflected in the sim.
As I said I might be doing something wrong here, but it seems to me this is a
similar issue as we face when editing checklists, sounds and .FLT file, where
we are forced to exit the flight, main menu, rebuild and then load the flight
again. As you guys can appreciate such workflow is very slow, building HTML
components is tricky and we perform many changes per hour, from CSS changes to
HTML alongside with many lines changes on .JS, it also requires a lot of
experimentation in order to achieve desired results, such as, what happens if
I style a toggle like this, can I style this element, etc. so having to exit
to the main menu all the time slows us down far too much. Would it be possible
in future versions to speed up this process? or is there anything I can do in
order to avoid exiting to the main menu to see these changes when I click
rebuild? it would be great if this could work similar to HTML gauges, where we
just do a rebuild and it reloads allowing us to see what we just have done.
Thanks again to taking this into consideration. Kind regards, Raul

Hello @Simbol Out of curiosity, have you tried using the coherent debugger to
force a refresh after you have rebuilt your package? All of this is very much
WIP. We need better tools in the DevMode and SDK, a better reload process and
doc of course. This will come eventually. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, Unfortunately with the inGame panels, after you click rebuild
inside the flight, the panel doesn’t open and since it is not open, the
coherent debugger doesn’t list it as an available target to be inspected, only
the aircraft gauges and other components. The only way around I have found is
to exit to main menu and rebuild it there… Thanks for your response and
feedback, as usual if you guys need any help to test future changes to these
tools let me know, I use them extensively so maybe my feedback and experience
with them could be useful to the team. All the best, Raul

@Simbol We have the same limitations internally at the moment. Our devs are
working on improving the tools, nothing short term I’m afraid though.
@SonantAlpaca FYI Regards, Sylvain

Understood, thanks for taking my feedback and providing me with an update, I
am looking forward to see how things can be improved. All the best, Raul