Ingestion with platform "Xbox Only" not possible?

I want to deploy a scenery with platform = “xbox only” because on PC it is
already published as freeware. But the submission page is responding with an

Is “xbox only” not
possible? Is there a reason for this? Am I doing anything wrong?

Hello @charuma0, As MCP is a Marketplace tool, I suggest you check this error
with your Microsoft Marketplace contact. Regards, Boris

You can get answers on Microsoft Teams software as this is setup for market
place devs. To answer your question you can have an X-box only version that is
different but you have to first upload the PC version. You can’t just have
X-box and no PC. So I normally build two packages PC only and X-box only then
upload the PC first followed by the X-box. At the top of the tabs there are
two sections for each type.