Input Event Definition - doc error in Extend, Set, Inc, Dec

This statement is incorrect? The element should be within a container
element, can contain one or more element, and it has the following attribute:
Presets should be Preset I also assume this should be under Preset rather than
Presets as the example suggests. Also for Set, Inc and Dec the statement To
use this event you would call the preset name then append the string “Inc” to
the end, for example incrementing a value inside the input event
“Sound_COM1_Volume”: to be correct you would say name then append the string
“_Inc” to the end add in the underscore I know picky picky picky, but this
stuff is complicated enough to second guess the documentation.

Hello @DA40CGDFQ Thanks for the feedback. @Nocturne will fix this. Regards,

The documentation will be updated for the next public release, and thanks very
much for taking the time to point out these issues! Sorry if it’s caused you
any inconvenience…