Input Event Instance?

I just have a few quick questions out of curiosity regarding Input Events.

  1. When an Input Event Instance is created, does that instance persist throughout the remainder of the flight thus ignoring the UseInputEvent from that point on, or does it get created on each pass.
  2. From the way I read the documentation, it appears that the B: variable value is stored in memory and only performs the ` calculation when there is a change to a WatchVar, Binding, or in one of the Inc, Dec, Set elements. Is this correct?
  3. Is a Preset ID required for every IE? If it is, add the Preset name element to the next question.
  4. I attempted to test this but was not able to get it to function (probably an issue on my end) but as I understand IE’s, it should work. If there is an IE that is written for a specific function and does not need anything passed in when it is created, would the following work?

Thank you.

Hello @FlyToday , I got answers from the developer of this part: 1. Model
behaviors are parsed before the flight and not re-evaluated afterward. The
UseInputEvent defines as many preset as it defines (usually one) 2. The B var
is an accessor, it doesn’t have a lifetime, the variable behind this accessor
will live for as long as the aircraft sim it belongs to 3. Yes, a preset is
an instance of an input event, consider “InputEvent” as a container for
presets 4. Most of the logic is handled in the input event definition, it can
handle conditional statements and template parameters. In our use case we
usually only have one preset per input event with a dynamic name (a parameter)
I hope this helps, Regards, Boris

Thank you, Boris. The answers do help, and I have done some additional testing
on my end as well since I wrote the question. Input Events are very powerful
once you know how to use them.