Inspector incompatible with SDK version

After SU12 and the installation of SDK v0.21.0 the inspector indicates a
mandatory thumbnail size of 412x170, when it should show a size of 904x486.
Attempting a build on a new project using the default 412x170 thumbnail and
the SDK SimpleSenery files results in a red error and two yellow messages
indicating a thumbnail problem. Trying a 904x486 thumbnail is immediately
rejected. Repeated downloads and reinstallation of the SDK gives the same
result. Is this problem easily correctable or does it indicate a corrupted
MSFS, Windows or other program? Or perhaps an SSD failure? Apologies. This is
a repeat problem under a different topic.

Hello @jimjones, Can you send us your PackageDefinitions folder and the
thumbnail you are trying to update please ? Also, if you can share us a video
showing the behavior, it will help us. See [3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Requested information in attached zip

Hello @jimjones and thank you for the files, I think this behavior is due to
missing files in the MarketplaceData resource group that prevent the build
from completing and display an old error. Just to be sure, could you test
this: 1. Delete the MarketplaceData asset group
2. Use the " Clean All "
function and then " Build All "
3. Retry to set Thumb2.jpg as
the item thumbail. Is it better ? Regards, Boris

Hi Boris, Attached is an file with images and comments. Thanks for