Instruments (PFD, ND) turn off during flight

Good afternoon, I recently bought the steam version of MSFS, went on a trip around the world, changing tbm and a320 periodically, and one day on the a320neo the PFD, ND, top panel with autopilot began to turn off… as if I had gone into cold n dark, but how? because of which? On the Internet they write this for those who use unlicensed aircraft, but I have a license everywhere, and the A320 is pre-installed in the game from Asobo, it seems. Am I doing something wrong? In overhead everything is perfect, either according to the checklist or already loaded in the air, the result is the same, after 10 minutes they turn off.

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Welcome to the DevSupport forum! This forum is made specifically for us 3rd party developers (myself included), for questions, feedback and/or bug reports about the SDK and DevMode, which have an impact on custom content development.

Since your issue does not have anything to do with the SDK or DevMode, I kindly suggest you report your issue either on the MSFS General Forums or Zendesk.

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Welcome to devsupport! Unfortunately, I think you are in the wrong forums. These forums are for developers who use the SDK, e.g. aircraft and airport designers.

The forums you are looking for are at Those forums are for users of the product. May I suggest asking for help in the blue “User Support Hub” category, specifically the Aircraft & Systems subcategory. Tag it #aircraft #airbus-a320 #avionics for searchability.

[Edit: Looks like someone else beat me with their response!]

Hehe we both were on the same frequency at the same time :smile: !

Anyway, thanks @N316TS also for complementing the answer to @SkymeXXX !! You know better the General Forums, I honestly do not know which topic to look for, if I have to report something there.

Carlos Gonzalez
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Hahaha, I like that! :smile:

Back in my day, the preference was to have one long discussion thread per product in the “Discussion Hub” category. So for example, here’s the discussion thread for the EMB-110.

But in the User Support Hub category, you could create as many help topics as you wanted. At one point, the help and discussion categories were merged together because we got complaints that people didn’t know where to post stuff. After I left, things got expanded back the way they used to be, presumably from more user feedback. So if people need help, I send them to the User Support Hub.

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Thank you all very much, I apologize for posting in the wrong forum. I am very glad to have such responsive technical support, have a nice day.