Interesting consequence of having a closed runway

Hi, I’m updating KFIT to its
current configuration with 2-20 closed and 32-14 lengthened by 500 ft and
reoriented. At first I thought the issue shown in the picture was because I
had something defined incorrectly with my main runway 32-14. Notice that 32
shows up 3 times in the list of runways available at the airport. Maybe I do?
I couldn’t find anything wrong. What I do have is a closed runway with a
single hold short associated with it. I’m assuming that the extra two 32’s
listed should actually be 2 and 20, and both should be listed as closed. I did
delete the 2-20 runway taxiways to keep AI from using it. I tried getting rid
of the hold short node to the closed runway, but Scenery Editor threw a
warning at that. Given it’s only a warning, I could have compiled it as is and
seen what the result would be, but I haven’t yet tried compiling the airport
in that condition. Be that as it may, the closed runway is not listed in the
list of runways, nor is it listed as closed in the list of runways, and 32 is
listed 3 times, which seems to me is an issue that should be addressed kfit-
. Granted, I could just
delete the closed runway and create a texture of what the runway should look
like, but, I like how it came out with a semi-opaque apron over the runway,
and I like the X’s the software created, etc… IOW, I like how it looks as is.
I hope it’s not an issue. I’ve included the source in case you want to take a
look at my work to see if I’ve done anything wrong. (Notice that I did add a
“Ground” frequency to the airport even though it doesn’t have a tower so that
users can call the on-site FBO to order fuel delivery for their planes. I was
hoping to add an FSS frequency to do that instead, but, when I last tested
that, it didn’t work :,( Hint, hint)

Hello @FlyingsCool Thank you for reporting the issue, this is a problem with
how the data is sent to the UI. It will be reviewed. Regards, Sylvain

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A similar issue occurs with KDCA, where there are multiple rwy 19 listed, when
selecting a departure runway in the UI.

There are also correctly
Multiple 19’s in the arrival selection,
When selecting an APPROACH, then
correctly, all qty 3 19 approaches are displayed,

Hmm, does KDCA have a closed runway? Is that with the default airport
definition, or are you using a 3rd party version? Was my assumption wrong? Are
the multiple runways listed due to the approaches available in the sim, so
it’s working as designed? I’ve worked on many other airports with multiple
approaches to multiple runways and not seen this before. Ahh, maybe that’s a
problem that I didn’t think to check when I closed the runway in the airport
definition? I’ll have to check the nav database and see if the approaches to
2-20 are still in the MSFS nav database. They shouldn’t be if it is really
getting updated as 2-20 was closed I think in 2020, even though it was still
active for a while with permission while 32-14 was being rebuilt. In fact, I
guess that’s a pretty major inconsistency the team has to deal with in that
there must be inconsistencies they have to deal with when creating nav
database updates since the MSFS airport definitions throughout are often very
old (for instance last time I checked KCON is still missing it’s 12-30 taxiway
in the sim, and it’s been there for quite a few years, prior to 2019 anyway
when I started flying again) I’ll have to check the nav database (that’ll have
to wait as I’m at the Flightsim Expo). I hope I don’t have to write my own in
order to get rid of those approaches, though I’ve done it before when KASH
incorrectly didn’t have any approaches in the sim (that issue was corrected a
while ago and I’ve since removed what I wrote in my addon for KASH) Another
interesting fact is Google Maps shows a pre-2020 (TIN) image of the airport
with both runways. Google Earth by default shows the old Tin, but if you set
the date slider it shows a newer image of the current configuration. Bing
shows the new configuration. The MSFS World Map shows the new airport
configuration. And, of course MSFS model itself is the old configuration.