Invite developers from teams across Asobo to participate here

I’ve seen some users on this platform frustrated when their question or idea
does not receive an answer; I expect that is because the people who could
answer the question are not reading it. For example, if someone posts a
question about the flight model, then someone who has worked on the flight
model could take the question and provide an answer, but someone in a
managerial role may not have enough knowledge of the math involved. It would
also be less work for you guys; less need to spend time chasing other people
for answers and following up.

Hello, We agree with you :slight_smile: Most of our devs have an account here. At the
moment, indeed, it’s mostly Flying Raccoon and myself trying to process all
the questions and dispatch them internally - which means we sometimes struggle
for days/weeks to get an answer, especially during summer. But we will
directly tag our developers more often from now on.