Is Flap_Handle_Index broken in SU5?

Ref: <
with-stream-deck-or-other-hardware/434918> It seems that Flap handle Index got
broken at or around SU5 ? If you INC flaps, the Index reaches a MAX value and
stays there , even after more INCs (Correctly) but If you DEC Flaps, and the
Index reaches ZERO, and then do further DECs, then when you do an INC, while
the actual flaps go from Zero to Position 1, the Flaps-Handle_Index, that was
at Zero, STAYS at Zero, until the next INC, so is then One Index too low. This
is very obvious if you display Flaps_Handle_Index when controlling the flaps.

Ref above. After 2nd MIN, an
additional DEC was done, and thereafter with Ins, the Flap_Handle_Index
(blue), lagged the Flaps handle Percent (Green) , by one INC step. On reaching
Max Index, it was re-synced, on the way down.

Hello. Just reproduced the issue. This should be fixed in the upcoming sim
updates. One again N6722C, thanks for reporting this. :slight_smile: Regards, Sylvain

Many thanks Sylvain :slight_smile:

Thanks – Confirmed to be Fixed in SU6