Is fuel system junction example/description wrong? missing key value description?


This parameter is used to define one or more junction components to be used in the fuel system. This junction is defined as a hash map comprised of multiple key:value pairs - separated by the # symbol - and has the following structure:

Junction.N = **Name:<junction_name>:<value>**#Title:<junction_title>#Index:<engine_index>

Note that you may have more than one junction, in which case you would increment the N index, starting from 1. A typical example of a single junction definition would be like this:

Junction.1 = Name:FuelSelector

Where is index in the list of parameters? Is the word option missing from the description example.

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Apologies, the documentation shows the schema from when the feature was in development, and not the final schema for a junction. It should be like this:

Junction.N = Name:<junction_name>#Title:<title>#Option:<option>,<option>,<etc>#InputOnlyLines:<line>,<line>,<etc>#OutputOnlyLines:<line>,<line>,<etc>

This will be fixed in a coming update.

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