Is it possible to create floatplane parking?

As the title suggests, is floatplane parking a thing? Also, is AI floatplane traffic possible in the sim. I can place a water runway - but not sure how the parking / taxi network would work. The picture below is an example:

This developer has here, ask them?

#### Cold & dark parking guide:

Dock parking 1-3: These parking spots are offset by increasing distances so that most aircraft can sit snugly against the pontoons. Use these parking numbers as a size guide:

**1** = Small aircraft, such as the Husky A-1C

**2** = Medium aircraft, such as the DHC-2 Beaver

**3** = Large aircraft, such as the Junkers JU52

I have created several basic custom airports with float parking, just by placing a standard taxiway parking and linking taxiways on the water. I have not investigated how AI traffic works on them though. The thing I have noticed is that the plane will tend to float away while parked if there’s no way to tether it :wink:

thanks - I’ll check it out