Is it possible to create instrument which is always displayed in the middle of the screen

as if instrument is on your goggles / faceshield. also it needs to work for VR.
started digging into SDK but couldn’t find anything so far.

check F/A-18 HMD code

htmlgauge00=FA18/Shared/HMD/FA18_HMD.html, 0,0,1024,576

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Once this Instrument is placed on the screen in this way, is there a way to interact with it.
Not been able to figure out how to so far – maybe one cannot ?

Does not seem to be a way to interact with it … so that is a slight limitation on what this can be used for… and it also seems to be a little Quirky, wrt the SDK documentation.

interact in what way? I assume you can handle input from joystick / keyboard and ui will reflect state of what was done?

correct, clickable elements will not react on mouse actions

yes, that the “interact with:” issue :slightly_smiling_face:

so its useful as a Display, or an Visual effect, but not as something that you can interact with (with your mouse) on the actual “overlay”