Is it possible to implement a modification of CL as a function of mach?

Asobo decided to restrict to legacy the CL vs mach table telling the modern
model takes into account that effect natively. This is a mistake and global
result doesn’t match desired result, especially for airliners et jets.
Compressibility effect increases dCL/dAOA and decreases CL max in the
meantime. Since modern model draws in real time CL vs AoA, I would suggest the
implementation of 2 new tables in flight model.cfg : CL0_mach_table which
would give CL @ aoa=0 as a function of mach CLmax_alphamax_mach that would
give for several mach (10 would be great) the CL max and AOA of CL max.
Example: Mach:Aoa max:CLmax thanks !

Yes, please!

Hello The lift_coef_mach_table will soon enter service with the new FM,
probably with SU10. As for the possibility to adjust stall aoa based on a
series of parameters (mach included), it’s in our backlog Regards, Sylvain

Very nice, looking forward to it!