Is the objective that multiplayer pilots will see the same weather i.e. clouds?

As we glider pilots gear up for the exciting delivery of the update expected
from Asobo, an apparently subtle question has arisen regarding the weather in
multiplayer. There doesn’t seem to be any mechanism where multiple pilots
joining a multiplayer flight over a period of time can see the same clouds in
the same places. I.e. joining 5 minutes after someone else results in your
clouds scudding across the landscape 5 mins out of sync with theirs although
you do have the same macro cloud altitudes and wind speeds etc. This would nix
any attempt to share the same thermals. So we’re currently using a compromise
of multiple pilots meeting up in multiplayer, and using a voice protocol we
all restart the flight at the same time - of course this won’t accommodate
later joiners. This is similar to simply mandating a common real-world join
time. Is this an inherent part of the complex weather rendering in MSFS, so
we’ll just need to plan around it, or is the aspiration in MSFS to have more
flexible multiplayer join times and still allow glider pilots to share

The key issue here is whether it was wrong to assume multiplayers would see
the ‘same’ weather (e.g. clouds in the same places) - it certainly seemed that
would be the case from earlier reporting, but it might be that is based on
players loading the WPR at exactly the same time and if players load in at
separate times then the weather is similar but not identical.

For missions, it’s possible to set the cloud position, or even to have the
clouds fixed in place. But I don’t know a way to do it in freeflight.

I’m assuming you mean when the mission is loaded. When the clouds then drift
with the wind you can see that a new player joining the first 5 mins later and
loading the original cloud positions will not see the same as the first pilot
is now seeing. Permanently fixing clouds in place doesn’t really make sense.
It’s quite possible this is what we have to deal with in multiplayer, but it
would be helpful to know this is the case. OR there’s some other
multiplayer/join setup (group?) where all incrementally joining players are
completely synced with the first in terms of clock time and cloud position.