Is there a fix to re-generation of vegetation?

Example: Using the latest
version 16, if you have a scenery with the auto-generation vegetation removed
you can’t even do anything without the vegetation messing up. This whole re-
generation of vegetation is causing an increase of CPU/GPU stress. Please
remove this.

Hello, Do you have the same issue for your other projects ? Can you send me
your source project to make some tests please ? You can send it via
OneDrive/Google Drive/WeTransfer… and with the private view option bellow the
submit button Best Regards, Boris

I just saw your reply. It depends on which area my airports are in. Is there a
way I can DM you the project zip folder?

Hi @azgoodaz , You can reply me here: [
report-a-bug-or-crash/77) Regards, Boris

Hi @azgoodaz , Can you describe me more what you are doing when the issue
happen ? (reproduction steps if you have any) I could see the problem but only
when I put the package in the community folder and then when I opened the
project in the scenery editor. Do you use the scenery editor with your built
package in the community folder ? I tried to create a project airport at the
same place as you and I add some aprons / polygon with vegetation / polygon
without vegetation as you did and I wasn’t able to reproduce the same effect
Regards, Boris

Hi @azgoodaz , This issue has been fixed in the
next SU10 update Regards, Boris