Is there a problem if you have non-alphanumeric characters in your add-on's file or folder names?

I use an “extra” period in some configuration file and folder names for my
aircraft. If the top XML file is called Foo.Bar.xml (not the actual name I use
of course, but I don’t want to “reveal” the name of the aircraft here) and
there is for instance
PackageSources\SimObjects\Airplanes\Foo.Bar\model\Foo.Bar.xml , will that
cause problems sooner or later? Asking because at some stage, it appears that
using the Dev Mode tools seems to have saved the top-level XML file as just
Foo.xml instead of Foo.Bar.xml. Should I not risk anything with what is
already fairly fragile massively complex software (MSFS), and just use file
and folder names with only alphanumerics? Thinking, if there isn’t a bug in
file name handling yet, there sure will be one at some stage…

I would use a hyphen or underscore rather than a dot ( - _ ) A dot could
indicate the end of the filename and beginning of the extension.

Or more to the point, buggy code could think that there can be just one dot in
a file name, and one shouldn’t risk that. Yeah, I will rename my folders and