Is there a specific boundary box used for SimConnect added SimObjects?

Hey, while upgrading the Ground Traffic Manager for our AIG Traffic Tools I
identified some strange behavior of the added ground vehicles (added via:
AICreateSimulatedObject; Type: default ground vehicle) They get their path via
the default SimConnect Waypoints and in the DevMode view it is clearly visible
that all waypoints are added to the simobject, but for some (to me yet fully
unclear) reason they stop sometimes and do not continue, the default Airport
Vehicles are driving through them at this time. My guess is that the boundary
box around the user Aircraft (in this case default Censa Caravan) is much
bigger then needed, but would this not also prevent the default AI Ground
Traffic to not enter the area? I know from ESP based Simulators that the 3rd
party added ground traffic is “boundary box”-aware and is not entering the
critical area, but I have not seen this “big” distance so far between Traffic
and User Airplane… Enableing the Sphare View in DevMode is not helpin to
identify the issue. Anyone an Idea what might cause this?

I have the same issue. A service road runs right next to parking stands and
custom ground vehicles created with SimConnect get stuck there. Please add a
variable to turn anti-collision stopping on and off.

Hello There’s a “YIELD_TO_USER” flag that is used by the game but not
accessible through the SimConnect API yet. I’ll create a ticket so this is
added and will make sure we’re not missing other useful parameters. Regards,

will this falg be setable for each waypoint? Cause in some situations it would
be nice to have the “default” Collision-Awareness active. Because as long as
the User Airplane is parked i would like to have AI ground traffic ignore it,
but as soon as the user is active it would be good to have the AI awareness
back up ^^

Hello. No, just like some other flags, it will only be considered on a given
waypoint and will be valid for the whole path. The feature you describe would
require a more advanced mechanic as the flag I mentioned makes no distinction
if the user is “active” or not. Regards, Sylvain

ok thanks, I will take care of the “user is active” inside our app then.

Hey, any chance to see this within the next SDK Update?

Hello. No, not for SU6. Can’t give any ETA. I’ll update this question when we
know more. Regards, Sylvain

Has there been any progress? I searched SDK docs for “yield” and found no

it is added in the c++ file as a waypoint flag but missing in the C# file.

Hello. The C# version of the lib will be updated in the next SDK, coming with
SU10 flighting. Regards, Sylvain