Is there a tutorial for how the Pelican VTOL system can be tuned?

The Pelican features a nice VTOL flight model.
This aircraft is also freeware and we can check out its files to see how it flies. But the files are quite elusive (for people like me who are not strong in coding) as to how it flies, and how to tune it for smaller aircraft and more fluidic movement when in hover mode. (The Pelican has a very solid hover mode. It would be nice to be able to tune in some variance and flexibility in its hover characteristics, and also effect acceleration rates, etc.

And thank you for making this. It opens so many doors. We just need to know how to work it. Perhaps the author that created its flight model could publish a paper here on it that discusses how it might be tuned for use in other planes.

Perhaps also a way could be opened up (an open file structure) for a plane similar to the Volocopter (Fans version VTOL electric taxi aircraft). That one is presently locked and unable to be studied.

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Bill Ortis

Hello @lyonhaart001

This implementation is very specific to the Pelican and can’t be used by 3rd party developers.


Hello Sylvain,

Roger that. I understand. Thank you for letting me know.


Perhaps one day, we’ll have an awesome VTOL template for us who make these that we can use and easily tune for use in MSFS. Hoping with great faith. :slight_smile:

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Could it be you meant that the Volocopter is off limits, not the Pelican? The reason I say this is the Volocopter is encrypted, but the Pelican has full files access, freeware, and uses a base of a drone flight model in its coding.