Is there a way to opt out of all the discourse "nonsense"?

Is there a way to set a user preference that turns of all the badges, “good job you did a thing” notifications, etc. etc.?

For a dev support forum, the gamification that the Discourse forum brings to the table feels a little too much like I’m being treated like a child rather than a 40+ year old developer in the super niche “flight sim” world =)

I just want to ask, answer, and read questions, not be patted on the back for click on “new topic” or getting a “heart” on a post.


Sadly on Discourse forums, there isn’t a way to opt out of badges on the user side yet. This needs to be done on the admin’s side of things to enable/disable the badges.

Which is why I’m asking the forum admins, by posting in the site feedback category.

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It’s unfortunate life has to be so serious!


Simmers ≠ Gamers is a tale as old as time…

But Developers ≠ Gamers is news to me! :laughing:

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And this is exactly the problem. No need to dogpile, if you like discourse, good for you. I don’t, so if the admins have a way to let people turn off the gamification: great. If not: unfortunate, I’ll have to live with it. It’s the whole “a bunch of regular users jumping on a thread that was posted for the admins” part that’s quite unpleasant.


So you saying we all should click like on your posts so you get lots of badges?



Hello @TheRealPomax

There are no options to disable it on user side.
Sometimes, it can allow people to find features they were not aware of.
I’ll review those and if it’s just about things like “posting the first emoji”, we’ll disable it.

Anyway, it should be quieter after a few days.



… wait, we can do that?

In case you didn’t know (and I just realized this myself :smiley: ) you can turn off the starter badges by going to Preferences > Interface > “Skip new user onboarding tips and badges”