Is there a way to scan and get a list of all SimVars that are on the current plane?

Wondering if there is a way to scan and get a listing of the available LVARS
and/or Simevents instead of having to manually type them all in everytime?

Some info for a full list of Lvars… You can open the behaviors tool and
under LocalVariables tab it will display all Lvars used in the project. You
can type a key word or multiple words to filter a single or even multiple
Lvars so you can track specific Lvars and their behavior(s). There also could
be a method from the debugger but I will let someone else answer for that.

I know how to get them all inside the sim. I was wondering if there is a way
to generate a listing on the outside somehow. I know there is a way. Just do
not know how to do it.

Hello @De-Flight The simvar being global for all aircraft, there is no way of
getting only the simvar that are used by your aircraft. Best regards, Yohan

I apologize. I meant to say LVARS or Data.

As LVARS are not global. Thank you.

Hello @De-Flight Unfortunately there is no built in method to get all the
LVars used by your aircraft, gathering all Lvars may be possible but it will
also return LVars from other planes because Lvars are global, if you opent the
Behaviours Windows and in the Lvars tab disable “Show only var set by plane”,
you will see all the LVars. You could get only the Lvars set by the plane at
the start of the flight but no build in method exist to do this. Could you
explain the case in which you would need this list ? Best regards, Yohan

You can get all available lvars in a WASM module by simply by calling the
Gauge API function

lvarname = get_name_of_named_variable(id)

in a loop incrementing the id each time and starting with id=0. The lvarname
will be empty after the last one is found. I don’t think this is possible by
just using SimConnect. There are various WASM modules and APIs that you can
also use for this. My own WASM provides an API (WAPI - see and provides the function

void getLvarList(unordered_map& returnMap); // Returns a list of lvar names keyed on the lvar id

A C# wrapper is also available - see for
the WASM/WAPI package if interested.