Is there a way to write to and set a BUS Voltage

  1. Is there currently any way to dynamically set the voltage on a BUS that is (obviously) NOT connected to the Plane’s battery, ie To be able to create a BUS one can connect circuits to, that has a Supply Voltage that is NOT directly the Battery Voltage, but could user coded to programatically be made to be a Function of the “systems.cfg” Defined Asobo Battery Voltage. ?
  2. (If not in JS, in XML or even wasm )

Hello @N6722C This is not really possible at the moment, but it’s in our
mid/long term plans. In the meantime, we think a possible workaround would be
to create a dedicated battery with “infinite” capacity and a linear curve
between 0 and 120V and control the voltage by setting the simvar. We still
have an issue with the lookup of the curve table when setting the battery
voltage simvar but it will be fixed with SU10. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain, Unfortunately, I have had no success writing to the variable
ELECTRICAL BATTERY VOLTAGE:index. All it see to do, when written to, is to
reduce the battery Charge to near zero. The desire to write dynamically write
to the battery voltage, comes form a need to simulate the missing Internal
resistance in the battery modeling. Particularly needed when modeling the
operation of the heavy current draw Starter Motor, and its dropping of the
battery, and Bus voltages… On reflection,( and 3 weeks of Electrical modeling
programming) there is a far better solution - maybe you can take a look at and see if that is something
that could be considered. Should be a really easy, non disruptive way to
provide the much needed simulation of Battery Internal Resistance, with a very
minimal addition by Asobo.

" All it see to do, when written to, is to reduce the battery Charge to
near zero."
I think it’s related to the bug I mentioned above and that we
will fix with SU10. It will be worth testing again when SU10 flighting begins.
Thanks for the detailed description in your idea :wink: It will be reviewed.
Regards, Sylvain