Issue with Painted Hatched Areas not being painted

Painted Hatched Areas not being painted after drawn. Also, once this happens
regular painted lines are not drawn either and if any existing lines are
deleted, these are visually still shown. The workaround is to close the
project and re open it.

I thought it was just me and deleted my post because it seemed to self correct
after I compiled and reloaded the project. The issue was exactly as you
describe. However it has not returned after that incident. Make sure you do
not have a single random taxiway point not connected. I did an believe is what
may have caused the issue whilst adding a material.

Just confirming that this has now manifested itself again. Once an area is
drawn, all User defined materials fail to render. If you rebuild the project
and then click load BGL in the same session (to get rid of the PINK) MSFS goes
into non-responding mode and only an enforced kill application will release
it. Returning into the project, I can now see and modify the PaintedHashArea
and other lines I reopened the compiled project and added another PaintedArea
and same thing. No lines. I saved and tried closing the project and MSFS is
now hanging! So that workaround is not working either…

It is still happening to me. Really difficult to work with these tools broken.
Has anyone from the official MS Team seen this thread?

Anyone who can help with this?

I think they are aware of this and already fix It (but you know, fixed things
are available only with standard updates, so we Will have to wait till
febraury, maybe with tomorrow roadplan release we Will,hopefully, get info on
a hotfix) Look at the latest sdk update (18th november)

I read the sim update but seems like a different issue. The problem we are
having is the lines or areas are not being painted. The one described in the
update makes the sim crash.

is this being ignored?

Hello, Nope, we are aware of this issue and our developers are working on it.
They will let you know if they need more information to fix the bug.

@vpilot @Ironpot Can you guys confirm scrolling to zoom / unzoom and force LOD
changes also updates the drawing?

Hi Sylvian, If I understand you correctly, Adding a PaintedHatchedArea with
Edge_Service_Solid selected simply places an ‘empty’ area. Change angle to say
-33 with .85 space and scrolling in/out with the mouse does not fill it in. If
I save the scenery, no change. However, if I click on Project Editor tab (off
the Scenery Editor tab) the PaintedHatchedArea disappears. Click back on the
Scenery Editor tab and it re-appears but still with no content. Clicking on
Project Editor tab again and then build results in a clean build (with pink
splattered everywhere an apron is). I usually then click on the BGL package
and click Load in Editor but doing so causes a hang. I now have to kill MSFS.
On re-opening the newly painted area exists

The pink issue is a different bug and happens when building a MaterialLib
asset group. @Darwikey is on this one. When I talk about scrolling in/out, I
mean scrolling enough to have the terrain tile switch LODs. If that doesn’t
change anything, I’ll let the dev working on this know.

Hello. The issue has been reproduced as you describe it on a retail version
and will be fixed with the next update. The problem was also happening with
Projected Meshes. Regards, Sylvain

Ok great. My version is STEAM