Issues about read data and gdi+

Hi guys, when I try put my p3d gau code to fs2020, I find 2 issues. 1. I
“var_value.n” always 0. The data from simconnect is right, I can get the right
value. 2. If I use GDI+ GraphicsPath.AddArc() , and then call SetClip(), it
will fail. I try DrawPath() before SetClip() and I can get the right path. If
I remove AddArc(), SetClip() works well. So I think there are something wrong
in the SetClip().

SetClip() does not return any error, but all my following
drawline/drawstring… can’t be display.

Hello. 1. I’ve tried to read those variables editing the GdiplusAircraft
sample and had no issues getting the correct values in var_value.n, matching
those retrieved via SimConnect and changing on events so I’m not sure what’s
going wrong in your case… 2. Are you sure you’re not already having an
active clip when calling AddArc ? Can you try to call ResetClip before AddArc
just to make sure ? If you provide me with your package sources, I’ll be able
to tell you what’s going wrong. Regards, Sylvain