Javascript Store Data location

Dear Asobo, Where is the location of the data stored by SetStoredData, and
GetStoredData? used in JavaScript modules? I am writing some code and wanted
to reset the data to check something… but can’t find for the live of me where
it is hahahah… I must be blind… or perhaps too much lack of sleep :slight_smile: Thanks
in advance, Raul

That file cannot be edited manually to my knowledge. Seems like you need Sim
Apis to delete/reset keys.

DeleteStoredData(key: string): any;

Might be your friend here. (if you really want to know, the stuff is stored
together with some sim settings)

I don’t have this path…

The whole “wgs” folder and its sub-folders and files are a good thing to
backup occasionally, as I “believe” they also contain your Logbook, that for
some, has a nasty tendency of getting wiped. With a Backup, you stand some
chance of Logbook recovery.