Javascript touch events not sent to popped out windows

I’m the developer of the GTN750. Many users are requesting to pop out the
instrument (as cockpit or as toolbar panel) in an external window with touch
screen support. The purpose is to get the instrument working from a tablet.
Popout window is ok but the touch events are not catchable from the JS code.
They are probably blocked at a higher level in the Asobo code. Is there any
way to not block these touch events? I’m speaking about touchstart, touched,
touchcancel, touchleave and touchmove events.

Any answer about that? Touch event management is a request we have from many
users. Enabling them in popouts would be so nice.

Hi, Do you have an answer about that? We have many many requests for such a
feature and we can’t answer positively. Today the touch events are not
available at the Javascript level so popped-out panels are not working on
touch screens. Is it a big thing to enable them?

This is a huge gap in capability in the sim considering we can pop out touch
instruments like the G3X, the GTC580 in the TBM and Longitude, and now, of
course, the GTN. These are all touch screen interfaces on the real world
devices. It seems like it would only make sense if people could also use these
devices with touch on a touch screen when a window is popped out. Currently,
those windows will only accept mouse events.

Hey, I just tried this behavior on the center screen of the F/A-18 which is a
touch screen or with touchscreens of the TBM 930 and actually there is an
issue with touchscreen but you could work around this by toggling the
externalized window in full screen and then get back to the windowed mode.
Obviously I will take an action to fix this behavior.

Both appreciate the potential workaround (will test it out when I get home
from work) and your acknowledgement that this is an issue and your intent to
fix it. If you can get this working, you’re going to have a LOT of very happy
home cockpit builders.

No sure to understand. You mean that if we go to fullscreen and then come back
to windowed, the touch events could be catched then in the js code? I already
tried that without success but will try again.

What I assume hydrastik means: 1. Pop out the screen 2. Move it to your
touch screen 3. Alt+Enter to send to full screen, Alt+Enter to restore to
windowed mode 4. Touch events should work At least that’s how I interpreted
it. I’ll be home from work in about an hour and will try it as well to see if
I have any good results.

Just so we’re clear what we’re asking for here - we want to be able to use
touch screens from the sim in separate, external touch screen monitors using
actual touch, and not using the sim touch screens with a mouse. I’ve attached
a video to demonstrate what we mean. I’ve tried your workaround and it doesn’t
work. Several of us including PMS50 have tried this in various ways, and we
cannot get it to work. There’s
also another bug attached to this. If we try to touch a popped out screen or
even move a mouse cursor into said screen, it cuts all external controllers -
yoke, stick, throttle, pedals, etc until the mouse cursor is moved out of the
window. I didn’t demonstrate this in the video, but it’s related.

Thank you for your answer. I have tested by going to full screen but that
doesn’t change anything. I made a very simple toolbar panel for reproducing
the issue. Instructions are in the readme file. Tested with an Ipad and the
Duet application. pms50-test-

@hydrastik9488 FYI

Oh sorry, I didn’t have understood the main issue. You are trying to use
physical touchscreen to interact with simulated screens. I was thinking you
were no longer able to interact with ingame touchscreen with the mouse without
resizing the externalized window (which is a regression I could repro and will
try to fix in next update) For your issue, I will also investigate to add this
feature in future updates !

Thanks for investigating. It’s a real and major need for many users to be able
to use physical touch screens for controlling the game touch screens like our
GTN750 (but not only). Probably the touch events are just not enabled at some
software level so you can’t catch them from the js code (see the test panel
previous attachment.

After trying your “workaround” and it not working, I thought perhaps the issue
we were trying to report may not have been clear enough, so I decided to make
that video to illustrate the issue better. Touch screens are quite common in
home cockpits. It just seems like a huge oversight that we can move “touch”
screens from the sim to physical touch monitors, but still have to interact
with them using a mouse. Especially since this is a standard feature in
“other” simulators. The whole point of building home cockpits is to have a
genuine flying experience without using a mouse. If you can get this working,
you’re going to have a lot of very happy MSFS users, as this has been a
problem cockpit builders have been lamenting since launch.

+1 This is a major bug for many of us. It severely limits our home cockpits
and many of us just don’t fly the planes that have a touchscreen PFD/MFD. The
only feasible workaround is to use 3rd party software to change the Windows
driver for touch and manipulate it into believing it’s really a mouse event.
It’s been requested to resolve this bug in this topic as early as September

Will we get the touch events in SU10? If not, when is this planned?

No, this will not be fixed in SU10.
@SonantAlpaca if you have more info about

It’s disappointing to see that this is still unsolved and won’t be in SU10.
This is a huge deal for cockpit builders. Even a game breaker for some.

@hydrastik9488 FYI - SU10 Beta has broken
functionality even more now. You can’t even interact with popped out touch
instruments with a mouse now. Toolbar panels such as the ATC window and even
the PMS50 GTN work, but instruments popped out of a plane’s virtual cockpit
such as the Garmin G3X in the King Air or the TBM’s GFC580 touch controller
now no longer respond to mouse inputs when popped out. This is a huge
regression from SU9 and prior. I’ve posted a bug report on the MSFS SU10
forum. <
interact-with-popped-out-touch-screen-instruments-with-a-mouse/530670> EDIT:
Added a video to explain the problem more clearly

Hello @Crunchmeister Thanks you for posting
the report here as well. This is fixed on our side and will be fixed in the
final SU10 release Regards, Sylvain