Jetway auto handling

Hi I have a question… You know now, jetways they get auto-connected when you
you turn into the gate and park. It happens only when using the MSFS ATC. The
game knows what gate you were assigned from ATC and when you get there and
park, the jetway attaches itself. Before, it was not the case, but now, its an
ongoing issue that i have. With GSX now out, the jetway auto-handling just
causes many problems when arriving. First of all, on few aircrafts, the door
opens automatically when jetway is connected (this is the case with the fenix
a320) so this is immersion breaking and unrealistic. The door opens as soon as
I’m at the gate and i get to deal with an opened door with engine running ,and
even if I turn off engine, how can air crew get up so quick and open it. It’s
a problem… Now the worst is; this makes GSX glitch because when i ask for
deboard, GSX thinks the jetway is not connected and it removes it (since it’s
only a toggle cue and not an on/off cue). All this, makes for nightmarish
flight arrivals. How can i disable that feature please?

This would be so easy to fix for us ( and any other developer that needs to
check Jetways ), if there was a way to know if a Jetway has docked and
possibly where, as we asked for it here: I suggest to vote the Idea, it
might get some traction.