JS API - documentation for Added GET_METAR_BY_IDENT (ident) etc

Any idea when

  • Added “GET_METAR_BY_IDENT” (ident) call to JS facility listener to get a METAR by airport ident
  • Added “GET_METAR_BY_LATLON” (lat, lon) call to JS facility listener to get the closest METAR by latitude and longitude Will be documented in the JS SDK ? Are devs safe to start using this, before it is fully documented in the JS API ?

Hello What do you call the “JS SDK”? Our tech writer plans to work on this
shortly so we can at least provide a list of functions, params as well as a
short description. Regards, Asobo / Sylvain

Thanks … SDK, JS (part of SDK), JS API – please forgive me if I used the
wrong term. But good to hear there will be some formal Documentation soon, as
opposed to resorting to copying from the WT Nxi js.