JS Listener WASM Module

Dear Asobo, Working with one of our projects we found the following library
inside MSFS: wasmimcanvas.js
Which seems to be used by registering a listener:

Among other things such as:
Would it be possible to get an
explanation of what is this library used for? we are trying to improve the
communication between a stand alone WASM module and an HTML panel, so we are
wondering if we could use this? currently we are using L:VARS between the
modules (HTML panel <- → WASM) but this is a bit slow of course, so maybe
this library could help us to share data between both modules faster? any
advice how we could achieve this goal? Thanks in advance, Raul

Hello @Simbol A wasm gauge is rendered into a texture that is then displayed
as a CoherentGT canvas. And we use CoherentGT to handle interactions so that’s
why all the mouse events handling is in this js listener. In the case of a
standalone WASM module, you don’t have such context. And you’re not even
attached to a specific SimObject so communication between such a module and a
particular SimObject element is not straightforward. This requires a proper
API design. For now, local vars is the only option. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks @FlyingRaccoon , If I recall correctly you guys were planning to add
networking capabilities to WASM, maybe this could help us in the future, any
news of how far is this on the roadmap? All the best, Raul