Landing Challenge Landing Position

Hello,I am in the process of
finalizing my first marketplace submission with marketplace reps. During
Microsoft Marketplace testing they came back and said the landing zones did
not match in the preview. I noticed that at some airports, the landing
challenge landing position does not match the end of runway on some of my
flights. Is there a way to manually adjust the landing position in XML or FLT?
or does this have to do with an error in the airport itself having an
incorrect runway length or needs a fix for runway length? Attached is an
example of setting up a landing challenge at 18HI - Brandt Field in Hawaii on
Runway 28. Notice the landing position does not match the grass runway length.
I have the same issue at 7 other Hawaii airports. Thanks! Jeff @ Adventum

Hello @AdventumSims , The landing zone mark is calculated in the code and
there is no way at this moment to change its position. If runway lenght is
superior to 3000 feets then it’s placed 1095 feets after the threshold.
Otherwise, it is placed at 1/4 of the total runway length. Regards, Boris

Thanks Boris!