Light Effect Issue with ‘None” Light Type

Hello Asobo, Hello All,

When adding a light of the “None” type to our aircraft interior and linking it to a potentiometer, the light effect associated with it does not show when the potentiometer is set to 100% or to any value above 0 (even after resetting the potentiometer to 0%). The emissive mesh illuminates correctly (following the percent value of the potentiometer), but the light effect is totally absent.

Since a “None” light is not connected to any electrical circuit, as mentioned in the SDK, we presumed that the light effect only required its associated potentiometer to be set above 0% to be visible. Unfortunately, we get only an illuminated emissive mesh, but no light effect.

Unless “None” lights can only be added to exterior models (not mentioned in the SDK)? Are we missing something?

Many thanks.

Xtreme Prototypes Development Team

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