Light Preset Duration problem

I used the Light Presets to create an approach path by setting Duration to 0.5
and Period to 4.0, Intesity to 100000, Radius to 5.0, NO_FADE,
Omnidirectional. I noticed that the flashes are not always visible, they get
lost. If instead I enter 1.0 the Duration this light is always visible and
from afar. The problem is similar between different colors whether it is
White. Red, Blue. Is there still some function to be implemented or is there a
solution to the problem? Thank you Musoni Giampaolo

Hello @GIAMPA I tried on SU12 (beta) with your preset (duration = 0.5) And then I made the same
test with duration = 1
I’m 20 km away from the lightrow and I’m not sure to see any difference. Can
you show me a before / after like I did above? Maybe I missed a setting. Thank
you, Regards, Boris

Thanks Boris for your reply. I made a video with 0.5 sec, as you can see, at
certain times the lights of the path are visible, absurdly they are less
present when you get closer, while in the distance, in the dark you can see
them. I try to replace the lights with duration 1 sec then I send it. Thank

Hi Boris. Here is the video about 1 sec of duration, you can always see it up
close even when you stop. For a luminous path it would be desirable to go down
to a duration of 0.2 or 0.3 sec, but I think it is premature at the moment.
Furthermore, the RADIUS seems to me to lose its value up close, but maybe
that’s just my impression. Thanks again

Hi @GIAMPA , Thank you, Can you send me your scenery xml ? I could then test
it in the same conditions as yours :wink: [See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris