LightRow mesh direction

I am attempting to add custom taxi center lights to my airport, and have
successfully done so using the LightRow, and Light Presets. The issue is that
the object repeating along the LightRow (The centerline light mesh), is facing
the wrong direction. It should follow the path and rotate as the path curves.
(Current; taxi lights )

I have
seen a couple of posts on here regarding the XYZ settings on the emissive
light itself, but not on the mesh. It is quite a large airport so I dread to
think I will have to manually add each light… So my question is; how can I
get the mesh/object to have a set heading in relation to the LightRow? I
presume it will be the ‘HasHeading’ parameter which I don’t think is working

I’ve submitted a bug report for this many months ago. The mesh is rotating
with the negative value of the light row. North/south: mesh is oriented
correctly. Rotate light row 20 degrees to the left and the mesh object rotates
20 degrees to the right instead. Seems like it should be a quick thing to fix.

@Darwikey can you please take a look?

Yes I need to look at it

FYI: SU8 beta notes says

  • Fixed light heading in light rows. Various fix for light presets

But the light model/mesh direction is still rotating opposite of the lightrow
direction. I don’t know if that fix was supposed to be included with that.

No sorry, it wasn’t suppose to fix your issue, it’s still on my todo list to
investigate :confused: I’m a bit scary to fix that issue because it could break
existing light rows… Xavier

Thank you for the update! The new working heading variable for light rows
helps a lot, so we can at least work around it now.

Thank you! The lightrow mesh now rotates correctly in SU10!