List of variables transmitted on Multiplayer

I would be useful to get a list of variables that are transmitted via
multiplayer. We have found that, contrary to the SDK documentation, most of
the variables tagged with “All Aircraft” and “Shared Cockpit” do not propagate
in Multiplayer. Thank you!

@Nocturne FYI

As multiplayer support in MSFS is becoming more of a ‘thing’, this lack of
clarity/documentation on what is/isn’t supposed to work over multiplayer is
costing me hours of development time. I’ve just spent maybe 4 hours
multiplexing a complex animation into (COM STANDBY FREQUENCY:2) which is
listed as “All aircraft” and set up a multiplayer test, and I’m pretty sure
that documentation is incorrect. The list of ‘working’ multi-player simvars
must be so short, surely a simple list could be provided?

Note: seems like a HTML typo in SDK docs : I just found the awesome “Note
On SimVars In Multiplayer” documentation at
But the LINKS to this very useful content aren’t working, e.g. from this page:
e.g. see the SIM ON GROUND variable entry and try the link to the multiplayer