LivingWorld Config ParkingEntry "Rate" - Please add more definition

Hi, Would you please add more detail to the “Rate” field of the ParkingEntry
Record in LivingWorld Config SDK Documentation. It’s not clear what the value
should be from the description. For instance, there’s a very clear description
for “GoodToBadMatchRate”, in which a lower value means a higher ratio (you’d
think it would be the reverse). Rate just says “Amount of xxx created for each
parking of this type.” (Ambient Vehicles and Aircraft). But it’s not clear how
this value controls the rate. Is a higher number a higher rate, or is it the
reverse like for “GoodToBadMatchRate”? I’m having a really hard time
controlling what aircraft end up in different parking spots and I’d like to
understand why. No matter what I do, I never get any “Heavies” in my large
spots, I always get GA aircraft, and when I do get Heavies, they end up in
really small spots. Sadly, I very rarely get any heavies or larger aircraft
like the Longitude and C208 and nearly always get small planes like Savage
Cubs in my large spots. It’s very confusing. The default LivingWorld Config
seems to work pretty well, but I get a CRAZY number of vehicles I don’t want
driving everywhere, and I get luggage and services in spots that are only 7
meters in radius, and they pretty much ignore my 20 meter radius spots. It’s
so hard to make my airports look like real airports. No matter what it is,
everything looks like an International airport. I build mostly small grass to
towered GA airports that have at most a single FBO, where most of the traffic
is owner based GA, occasionally with an FBO that has a fuel truck with maybe a
marshall for the occasional business class turboprop or jet, as well as a
couple towered airports that handle A320 class aircraft, but the gates don’t
have jetways, they’re out on the tarmac. KBED and KACK in particular. Thanks,