Localization process - how confirm?

Could someone give me an example of how I check this “localization” tion in
the hangar to see if my models are correct once I’ve done the .loc file
inclusion process? for example, in the instructions sent it says to enter the
hangar and check the descriptions, can send me a print so I can make sure that
the process we are doing here is correct? thanks.

Hello @zezinho1939 , To which instruction are you referring? If you need to
check your your localization file you’ll will need to open your project and
build it in the main menu and then : - For the description → look in
“PROFILE” > “MY HANGAR”. At the bottom you will see “see specifications” -
For anything related to the cockpit input/tooltip/description, you can
needed in “General Options > Accessibility” and then load a flight with your
aircraft. You will see the tooltips when hovering an instrument with your
mouse. I hope it helps, Regards, Boris