Locked out from MS teams after change of phone

Could someone here please share this post in their Teams channel with Mabel &
co I have a new phone, so I restored the MS Authenticator from backup. It now
gives me this message; “Action required Scan the QR code provided by your
organization to finish recovering this account” I don’t have the
aforementioned QR code. The account is
I know this is the wrong place for this request, but being unable to log into
Teams I don’t really have any way to contact anyone about it.

Hello, Do you have access to your ms account ? You can follow this to
regenerate the QR code for your account : <https://answers.microsoft.com/en-

I can access my Microsoft account just fine. But the issue is not with logging
in to my Microsoft account, it’s with signing in to the Microsoft organization
using that account. i.e. I can log into Teams just fine and can choose from my
list of organizations, but get the Authenticator prompt after choosing
Microsoft (guest) from the list. I can’t access the linked page to regenerate
the code, because “You can’t sign in here with a personal account. Use your
work or school account instead.” I believe the solution could be as follows;
someone needs to remove me from the MS tenant and then invite me to Teams

Bumping this up for visibility, I still need help on this.

Hello, I’m gonna send Mabel an email about that right away. Hope she’ll be
able to unlock you quickly. Have a good day,