LOD limits feature: what are the criteria?

Some of the AI models are not aircraft that are seen only for a short amount
of time. We have moving, high quality/poly ships that users like to get up
close to and the new poly restrictions will probably mean their experience is
negatively impacted. Some of our ships models (thankfully only a few) have
1,500,000+ verts at their highest LOD. We can reduce this but to drop it to
250,000 at 100% screen size will potentially make the model unusable in our
scenery due to the quality impact.

Our concerns are with user controlled aircraft - from reading your responses
below, it seems that’s not a concern as this system won’t apply to the user’s

According to
Even if isAirTraffic and canBeUsedByAITraffic is set to false, there is a
chance the model may still be used to represent a real online traffic plane if
the icao info in the GENERAL section matches and the user has not elected to
use generic models for ai traffic.

If the [GENERAL] section of the Aircraft Configuration File contains correct  information, the aircraft will be usable as part of the live air traffic, to represent "Real Online" planes that match their Aircraft Type Designator. Even if a plane is not flagged as available for air traffic ("isAirTraffic=0" or "canBeUsedByAITraffic=0") variations, there is still a chance it might be used to represent a "Real Online" plane if the user set the "Use Only Generic/Optimized Plane Models for Traffic" option to OFF in the graphic settings. The variations of an aircraft that are marked with the isAirTraffic flag will always be prioritized over the other variations (even airline liveries) both to use as parked planes and to swap "Real Online" planes.

Thks for your help, but i already know this.

Yes, this is also what i guess. That’s why i will add an extra dummy LOD, as i
mentioned above. Thks a lot :wink:

I wasn’t saying your LODs were bad! :smiley: I think understand what you are saying.
Are you able to solve the issue appropriately for your use case, thus?

Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize that. This is an issue. :slight_smile:

I see how that can be an issue, a boat like that would be significantly more
detailed than a simpe plane with a curved surface! That said, 1.5M vertices
really is a lot. If you have done a good optimization pass on one of your
boats and its LODs, I would be interested to inspect the model and see how
many vertices / draw calls each of its LODs have.

Currently, the user aircraft LOD0 will never be culled, indeed.

No problem. I only referred to your “bad some LOD” assertion :D. At first, did
not check that you were a member of the Asobo’s team, sorry… And a big thks
for all that you do. May i have a suggestion, for this specific forum? Could
it be possible for you to add a tag (or an icon) in front of the MS/Asobo
nicknames, in order for us to know that you are from the MS/Asobo team ? Best
regards, Christophe

@OptimalCoyote89 When are the new LOD limits
due to be introduced please? Knowing this will help us all to (re)schedule
development needed. Are we talking 3, 6, 9 months? Thanks

Thanks for confirming, this is great.

We don’t know yet, but we will find a way to avoid old packages to change
their behavior on PC, so if you build your package before the limits feature
is activated, you will not see a change when the feature is finally activated.
This was done similarly for the missing texture feature.

@OptimalCoyote89 - I’m seeing different
vertices totals being reported by Blender vs the LOD Debug tools. The SDK
tools are reporting as much as three times the amount of vertices for an
object. Presumably that would unnecessarily throttle/eliminate an object?

That’s odd. Some ideas: - vertices are not de-duplicated on export (i.e.
vertices are exported once for every triangle they are used in, instead of
shared) - you have submaterials which cause vertices to be duplicated (every
material a vertex is used in may require a duplication of the vertex, due to
the vertex normals / smoothing)

@OptimalCoyote89 “- you have submaterials
which cause vertices to be duplicated (every material a vertex is used in may
require a duplication of the vertex, due to the vertex normals / smoothing)”
Does this mean that a 50 vertices object with an Albedo, Normal and ORM
material would show up as 150 verts in the SDK?

If each triangle had a unique material or a unique smoothing group assigned,

@OptimalCoyote89 - Do you know any more about when this new LOD system is
going to be introduced so that we have something to aim for and resource?

We don’t know exactly ourselves yet, sorry! I will be certain to keep you
posted on any information w.r.t. this subject.

@OptimalCoyote89 will these limits be forced on any change to the package or
just individual models within the package? For example if there’s a package
with 100 old models and we add 1 more model will all 101 need to meet the
criteria when we build the package?