Trying to find some way of “adding” A retractable contact point … as If a
Tail support has been added to the aircraft for example (see photo)
It would need to be configurable
like the gear … so It can be used to prevent the tail dropping on the ground
when incorrectly loaded/ OR Allow the tail to drop if Not fitted/extended … I
Thought about “Tailhook” but cant find much on this item in SDK at all ! Here
is what I hope to achieve, it can easily be hidden with some Visibility code
but I need help with the “Contact/scrape” Any suggestions folks ?? :slight_smile:

Hello May I suggest you find a title that says something useful about the
question you’re asking? :slight_smile: Regards, Sylvain

Apologies, I thought the body would have sufficed :wink:

So no suggestion ? Just criticism of the title … Hmmm ok

@ModelMuncher My apologies for not coming back to you earlier. I’m afraid
there’s no way to do this at the moment. Contact points are static and only
wheel ones are disabled when the gear is retracted. Such a request makes sense
though so I suggest you create an idea about this to give more details and so
people can participate and upvote. Regards, Sylvain

Sylvain … I am actually quite close to achieving this goal … I am Using an
Aux Gear contact point and I do Believe it can be “Settable” (according to the
SDK Anyway :slight_smile: The problem I am having is the gear handle will not change its
status Am I missing something obvious ?

another idea would be to use the new attachmodel can the “ATTACHED” can the
attached model have its own contact points ? Perhaps the attach node can have
a visibility parameter therefore when the attached MODEL is visible its
contact points also come into play ?

A “Retractable Wing Float” may just do what you want!

Tried it sorry … Sim doesn’t seem to recognise it as a “Contact point” Maybe
I am totally missing things here as the SDK is so hard to understand in parts
i.e. where is the section describing retractable floats ?? :slight_smile:

EUREKA ! that’s one of my issues solved :slight_smile: using contact point.9 = 3 ( Aux
Gear) (L:Door_Cargo) (>A:GEAR POSITION:9, enum) Sending either 0 or 1 to the
A:Var “raises or lowers the Gear” on point.9

Hi, I would say you: thanks for your tip ! and to share **** your findings
. I am developing a amphibian aircraft (Canso PBY-5A) with retractable
wing floats and theses wings floats, which are declared as contact points,
cause wakes on the water even when they are folded. With the possibility to
declare them as auxiliary gears, I hope to have a realistic effect when
landing. Thanks.

Yeah cool … your welcome & Good luck with the Cat